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Lions host Catamounts, Saturday February 23 | 1 PM

Lions host Catamounts, Saturday February 23 | 1 PM

 by Dylan Motta

DUNDALK, MD - ***I didn't have the gpa and major for Namo Jackson, thought that was a nice touch

See you two tomorrow at 11.

The CCBC Dundalk Lions look to end the season on a high note Potomac State College of WVU. The Catamounts are 24-0 this season so they are due for a loss. There is no better time for a win then during the Sophomore Showcase.

There are six lions that will be graduating and moving on from the program Kaii Gilliam, Da'Von Alleyne, KeiJuan Major, Richard Hibbert, Namo Jackson and Christon Wright.

#0 Kaii Gilliam: A transfer from Finger Lakes community college where he played in 25 of 27 games and had a high 63 points for the season before transferring to Dundalk CC. As a Lion sophomore, Kaii has played in every game. Kaii scored 120 points this season. Kaii is also a standout in the classroom. He has a cumulative grade point average of 3.23 as a general studies major. He is expected to graduate with his AA degree this spring.

#1 Da'Von Alleyne: As a lion freshman Da'Von played in 13 games and had 41 points. He stood out defensively with 62 rebounds and 12 blocks. Da'Von has played in 16 games this season, and has made them count. He is a leader in blocks and a force inside for a Lions team that lacks height. Da'Von is a general studies major and is expected to graduate this spring with his AA degree.

#3 KeiJuan Major: A transfer from Fayetteville Technical Community College. KeiJaun came to Dundalk playing in 28 of the 29 games at Fayetteville, where he averaged 14 points per game. KeiJuan has been a standout for the Lions this season. Appearing in 22 games and averaging 24.8 minutes per game. KeiJuan ranks second on the team in points with 207 this season. KeiJuan is a general studies major with a 2.0 gpa and is anticipating graduating this spring with an AA degree.

#5 Richard Hibbert: Played in 26 games as a Dundalk freshman and started 19. He was the most played freshman with 687 minutes and led the team with 364 points as a freshman. Appearing in 17 games this season, Richard has made the most of his time on the court with 192 points. Playing over 1000 minutes in his two years here, Richard also scored 556 points with. Richard is a general studies major with a 2.5 gpa.

#12 Namo Jackson: Namo has played 300 minutes this season and has 109 rebounds. Namo has been big inside for the Lions as one of tallest players on the team. Namo is graduating after one year at CCBC with a ___ gpa in the spring and plans on _____

#23 Christion Wright: A transfer from Manor College where he played 24 out of 28 games with a 47% field goal percentage. Christion has appeared in every game as a Dundalk Lion and is a leader in many categories. He leads the team in points with 213, and assists with 86. Defensively, Wright has produced a team high of 38 steals, and 53 points coming from turnovers. He has been a leader in every sense of the word. Christion is an electrical engineering major and is working on his AA degree.

We wish the best for our students in their future endeavours and hope they enjoy their final game as a Lion.

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